The second largest aluminium plant of Russia sends metallurgists to the forced idle, – mass media 


Employees of the Kamensk-Ural Metallurgical Plant (KUMZ) in the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation began to be sent to forced layoffs.

About it writes the edition with reference to the employee of plant, transfer Our money .

“At the moment there are about 130 workers, some employees learned about the transition to part-time work in August. The management explains the situation by the fact that due to anti-Russian sanctions at the plant, which sent a large number of products for export, decreased the number of orders,” he said. KUMZ worker.

The publication could not get a comment from the metallurgical plant – no one answered the calls in the press service.

KUMZ is one of the city-forming enterprises of Kamensko-Uralsky – the third largest and most economically potential city in the Sverdlovsk region. 97% of KUMZ shares belong to Aluminum Products Holding JSC, which the media associate with billionaire Viktor Vekselberg through Renova-Aktiv.

KUMZ is the second largest plant in the Russian Federation, which produces deep-processed aluminum products. Джерело:


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  1. “The management explains the situation by the fact that due to anti-Russian sanctions…”
    The sanctions are due to mafia land’s reprehensible violence, unleashed against an innocent country … its military, civilian population and infrastructure and historic sites … just everything. But, the ruskies will never hear this from official channels, and so these workers won’t know the true reason why they are losing their jobs.

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