The most beautiful ambush ever seen……by Ukraine

(C)StandwithUkraine 2022


  1. Wow!!!! Unreal. Could have been a game.
    Слава Україні!
    Героям слава!

  2. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but the video is a fake made by a Ukrainian called Pavel Osadcsiy. You’ll find the video on his FB page.

      • For a short moment, I dared to think that it was real. It just feels so good to see orcs and their stuff being destroyed!

        • They can say anything they want, nobody believes them anyway. Just reading that Medvedev is saying that sanctions are an act of war. Be interesting to see which of the many countries sanctioning Muscovy he will fight first, providing they can get past Ukraine first. 😂

          • So he hates both sanctions AND “those that started the war” so he hates everyone. Just wait until he needs a new iPhone, he’ll pull the trigger then.

  3. aww bummer, had me fooled on the video. Thank you for debunking it Foccusser. In future I will take footage with an extra grain of salt.

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