The first stage of the unblockade of the Black Sea: the expert explained the importance of the liberation of the Zmeiny Island

According to him, the Russian command, occupying Zmeiny Island, set four goals. But from the very beginning it was clear that any unit that would be stationed there would be “suicide bombers”.

Ukraine freed Serpentine / photo
Ukraine freed Serpentine / photo

Zmeiny Island played a very important role in the tactics and strategy of the Russian Federation for the occupation and blockade of the Black Sea, since it was this island that was tactically located to control shipping routes.

This was stated on the air of the FREEDOM TV project by the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander video

В Московской области мощный пожар. Горит цех лакокрасочных изделий

According to the expert, after the Moskva missile cruiser was destroyed, Zmeiny Island was also used to form a layered air defense on its territory, which the Russian Black Sea flotilla lacks today, which makes it very vulnerable. 

“Besides this, Zmeiny Island was to be used as an intermediate springboard for the formation of a DRG on it for deployment to the Odessa region. And again, in the future, the Russian command planned to deploy Bastion coastal anti-ship missile systems that use P-800 missiles on Serpent Island” Onyx” to increase the effectiveness of the use of these missiles on the territory of Ukraine, in order to reduce the reaction of Ukrainian air defense to them. Now such missiles are launched from the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula, and air defense in the Odessa region effectively resists these strikes, “Kovalenko noted.

According to the military expert, it was these four goals that the Russian command set when they occupied Zmeiny Island. 

“But in fact, from the very beginning it was clear that any unit that would be deployed there – they are, in fact, suicide bombers, since the island is in the zone of fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As we began to receive more long-range and high-precision weapons, the degree of” suicidality “The contingent of the Russian Federation stationed there only increased exponentially. Well, now we see this ” good will “ by which they left the island,” Kovalenko noted.

At the same time, Kovalenko noted that Snake Island played a big role in the Black Sea bridgehead, where the Russian Federation was engaged in criminal blocking of shipping routes, as well as acts of terror in the Odessa region and beyond. 

“In fact, today, if we are talking about the so-called first stage of the de-blockade of the Black Sea, we are completing this first stage. We have created conditions when it is dangerous for the Russian Navy to be in the Black Sea at a distance of up to 200 km from the coastline of Ukraine. Why? Because our anti-ship missile systems are used.We have created the conditions when they ( Russian troops – UNIAN) are not able to physically place units on about. Serpentine: they have already come to terms with this and understand that this is a death sentence, a senseless waste not so much of the human lives of military personnel as a senseless waste of equipment (well, since the Russian Federation values ​​equipment much more than the lives of its military). And such losses of equipment that they suffered on about. Serpents (and absolutely ineffective losses!), But this is quite large-scale,” Kovalenko says.

In his opinion, the Russian command, which was engaged in the Black Sea bridgehead, at least “should have already been shot in Moscow.” expert Kovalenko on the liberation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of Zmeiny Island

As UNIAN previously reported,  Ukrainian troops attacked Zmiinoye at night , after which the Russian invaders left the island.

The liberation  of Serpent’s Island  by Ukrainian fighters led to the loss of Russian control over this part of the Black Sea. This was a huge victory for the Ukrainian Armed Forces , as the occupying forces wanted to use the island as a weapon against Ukraine.

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