Lukashenka called on the Russian Federation to be ready to use nuclear weapons (video)

He stated that there are no warehouses with nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus.


The self-proclaimed head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called on the Russian Federation to be ready to use nuclear weapons.

He made such a statement during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, BelTA writes .

According to him, there are no nuclear munitions depots in Belarus, only in Russia. 

“And, as Putin rightly said, six countries have their nuclear warheads at six points,” the Belarusian leader said.

Lukashenka said that Belarus and Russia have not yet mirrored Western aviation’s training in the use of nuclear weapons, they have taken only “half a step.”

“They are flying, training. Why are they training, why are they carrying nuclear blanks? In order to put a nuclear bomb on an airplane tomorrow and drop it where it needs to be. Therefore, we have not yet responded in a mirror way,” he said.

The self-proclaimed president said countries “should be ready.”

“We must keep the gunpowder dry in all directions. And there is no need to shout there that “Putin has seized Belarus here”, “he does what he wants” … We have a coordinated reasonable policy of two sovereign states, for which Makei is primarily responsible and Lavrov,” he said. urged Russia to be ready to use nuclear weapons

Recall that during a meeting with Lukashenka, Putin said that within the next few months he would transfer to Minsk the Iskander-M complexes, which can be used, including nuclear weapons.

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