I decided to go to that world, but failed: what is known about the suicide attempt of Putin’s puppet – Medvedev

By Writer Smith June 28

Putin’s puppet, Dmitry Medvedev, is said to have tried to go to that world. But the attempt was unsuccessful.

The GeneralSVR telegram channel again shares interesting news with subscribers. And given the fact that the channel has repeatedly published information, which was later confirmed, there is every reason to believe that they are writing the truth, not rumors.

“A suicide attempt by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was prevented last night. While cleaning Dmitry Medvedev’s office, a female servant accidentally noticed several scrapped sheets of paper on the table and on the floor, apparently interested in the content. 

So, having found five variants of the death note written by him, the woman at once reported to protection. Dmitry Medvedev was found by a security guard drunk and with a pistol in his right hand. After a short persuasion, Medvedev gave the pistol, which, as it turned out, was loaded with live ammunition. Another note was found near Medvedev, probably the sixth final version. 

Everything was immediately reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin has ordered not to give Medvedev more alcohol and to control every step towards a special decision. It was decided not to disclose the incident, “the channel writes.

Surprisingly, in fact, in his notes, Medvedev allegedly wrote that he hated the war and could not endure the humiliation that fell on him and his country.

“In his notes, Dmitry Medvedev wrote that he could not tolerate humiliation and emotional feelings, felt worthless, hated the war and those who started it, and blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yuri Kovalchuk, Nikolai Patrushev for his death. , Alexander Bortnikov and Igor Sechin. In one version of the note, Medvedev wrote that he was tired of being a doll. Almost everything written is chaotic and emotional and, apparently, was written in a state of intoxication, “- said the channel.


  1. The source of this story is SVR General, which has in the past apparently published stories that later turn out to be correct.
    It offers a translation service for its articles. The Medvedev story appeared on June 28.
    Here is one from June 24:

    “Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The idea of ​​a “triune state”, or rather a union state of three Slavic peoples, is so firmly ingrained in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s head that he has been talking about this only lately. First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Kiriyenko, after presenting the president with a detailed plan for the unification of Russia, the Republic of Belarus and the occupied part of Ukraine into one state, received from Putin the task of preparing everything for the implementation of this plan. From Putin’s side, it would seem like a small matter to persuade Yanukovych and Lukashenko, but not everything is so simple. If Yanukovych, as a well-known character of Berlag, agrees to everything, then a big problem arises with Lukashenka. Of course, Putin wants to lure the obstinate Luka into the union with affection and courtesy, offering more gingerbread and only showing a whip from afar. For Lukashenka, the idea of ​​rapid integration of the Republic of Belarus into Russia, no matter how beautifully it is called, looks frightening to say the least. For many years, Luca has been very effective at slipping out of Putin’s embrace with proposals for integration, although lately he has been more and more difficult to do so. When Putin, before the war, sent troops to Belarus under the pretext of exercises, in fact annexing its territory, Lukashenka completely wilted and already believed that his business was a “pipe”. But the war in Ukraine did not go according to plan and Putin was forced to transfer part of the troops and weapons stationed in the Republic of Belarus to the east of Ukraine, thus actually putting the Anschluss of Belarus on pause. Lukashenka immediately perked up and began to show Putin ugly gestures from afar, not only in the form of a refusal to enter the war with Ukraine on the side of Russia, but also in the form of hints at the possibility of resisting Russian troops in an attempt to take Belarus by force. A quarrel with Lukashenka is now more unprofitable for Putin than ever. Well, in fact, it is not possible to open a second front against the Republic of Belarus, especially since it is difficult to say how the Belarusian troops will lead in this case, aggressive resistance, following the example of Ukraine, is not excluded, and then for Putin this is a guaranteed collapse. But as they say, “hunting is worse than bondage,” and Putin is trying to convince Lukashenka to have intercourse by persuasion. For greater persuasiveness, personal contact is needed, and in the near future the President of Russia is scheduled to have several formal and informal meetings with Lukashenka. Meetings have already begun and will continue until full understanding, well, or until a conflict, explicit or hidden. It is simply not possible to believe that Putin will forgive Lukashenka in the near future for the disruption of his plans for his fixed idea of ​​a “union of three Slavic peoples”. The main intrigue of these meetings will be how Lukashenka will get out or what conditions he will agree to. Putin cannot delay, this is most likely the last opportunity to implement the “union” scenario, further health may no longer allow.”

    • The pressure is increasing on those nazis that have been helping the criminal putin and his nazi regime. They are used to wealth and immunity and now their worlds have changed. Their families can’t go on shopping trips to Milan anymore and they want their ill gotten lives back. They are confined to putin’s toilet which is why a bullet may be better.

  2. How beautiful it would be if the entire leadership in the Kremlin would feel like Medvedev. The war would be over right away. Well, it’d be better to capture them alive and make them suffer before sending them to “that world”.

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