From the FB page of MP Oleksii Goncharenko

June 30


🔥The UK government will allocate an additional 1 billion. Pounds sterling on providing military assistance to Ukraine!

That’s what I’m saying that Britain is clearly and clearly expressed: “Ukraine must win! “, and they’re doing anything about it. I personally thanked Boris Johnson, from myself and all Ukraine! Together for the win! 🇺🇦🇬🇧

Oleksii posted a video of himself at the summit chatting with Boris and Ben Wallace, which can only be seen on FB.

Boris has just visited Oleksii’s page and posted the following:

“Ukraine can win and it will win – the UK will back you every step of the way. Slava Ukraini!”


  1. The comments section of that FB page was puked on by kremkrapper troll skumm with fake English names.
    However, regrettably some of them are genuine. Likely to be cunts who read Peter Hitchens, or Faragista kremkippers.

      • I don’t have an account with them. Standard kremkrapper whataboutism. Boris threw the rat a lifeline with his foolish attempt to project a feminist image.
        There is an easy reply though: Argentina was run by a fascist junta rather like that of putler. The junta claimed ownership of The Falklands despite the Falklands being British before Argentina even existed.
        Furthermore, the Argies invaded a land that already had its own indigenous population, which it proceeded to inflict genocide and race replacement on, just like Russia always does.
        The Falklands were of course uninhabited before the British arrived.
        The other thing is that Britain has democracy. Russia is not even a country. It’s a squalid dictatorship run by a psychopath who presides over land that has been thieved from others.

      • A couple of good omens from the Falklands war:
        1/ We sank the Argie flagship The Belgrano and then went on to win the war. Just like the Ukrainians put the Moskva away.
        2/ It was a “range war”; ie our artillery carried further than theirs. Hopefully the defenders will soon have the same advantage.
        3/ they were largely conscripts who did not have the motivation of our lads.
        4/ The fucking French were on the wrong side of history. Then as now.
        They claimed to be on our side, but not only were they supplying Exocets, with the means to deliver them; Super Entendards, but they also duplicitously as usual; were providing tech support guys in situ to make sure the missiles were loaded properly and their guidance systems were fully functional. The frogs managed to kill 200 of our guys for the fucking Argies.
        Never forget to hate the French!

        • Hating the French is one of my hobbies. Now, the list to hate includes a lot more!

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