Fifty countries have given guarantees to provide Ukraine with 600 tanks, 500 self-propelled guns and 14,000 anti-tank systems

50 states have guaranteed to provide Ukraine with unprecedented volumes of military assistance in the foreseeable future.  

This was announced by US President Joe Biden, noting that the deliveries will include more than 600 tanks, 500 artillery systems, more than 600 thousand shells, advanced multiple rocket launchers, anti-ship systems and air defense.

In addition, the Ukrainian infantry will receive another 14,000 anti-tank systems.



  1. I hope France and Germany are not included in those numbers as we know for sure we aren’t getting shit from them.

    • I still think Ukraine should announce the restart of nuclear weapons programs. They might lose some support from the West but that would likely be countries that are just offering verbal support anyway. On the other hand the putinazis would be out of their minds and hopefully distracted from the genocide campaign.

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