Canada is in talks with European partners on oil and gas exports 

Canada, MFA

Canada is in talks with European countries, including Spain and Germany, on oil and gas exports.

This was reported by Western media with reference to Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, reports enkorr .

“It is important for Canada to be able to take a step forward and help our European friends who are facing very complex energy realities,” Jolie said.

She said Canada was discussing with European allies, “especially the Germans and the Spaniards,” how oil and gas could be exported from the country’s east coast to ease energy restrictions and provide an alternative to Russia’s energy resources.

Talks between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took place in June at the G7 summit in Germany, Western media reported earlier. According to them, the two countries are discussing options for exporting liquefied natural gas to Europe through a terminal on the east coast of Canada.

Earlier it was reported that the reduction of Russian gas supplies could put Germany in the winter with a difficult choice – to continue to supply gas to European countries or to leave gas to citizens.

As reported, on Thursday, June 23, Germany decided to activate the so-called “alarm mode” – the second stage of the emergency plan in case of a gas emergency, due to falling gas supplies from Russia.

Earlier, Gazprom’s largest customers in the EU – OMV from Austria, Eni from Italy, Uniper from Germany and Engie – confirmed that the Russian monopoly had restricted gas supplies under existing contracts due to reduced gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline. Gazprom claims to have reduced gas transit due to the untimely return of gas pumping units by Siemens after maintenance in Canada.

Earlier, however, Gazprom cut off gas supplies to a number of European companies because of their refusal to comply with Putin’s demand to transfer gas bills to the ruble.

At the same time, Gazprom does not make full use of the reserved capacity for gas transit through Ukraine. Джерело:



  1. We could so easily supply Europe with oil and gas if that old jerk in the Oval Office hadn’t ruined our energy sector. As a matter of fact, putler would earn only a fraction on its energy exports if we had not surrendered our energy dependency for hollow leftist dreams.

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