Biden announced the supply of air defense systems to Ukraine and even more HIMARS

The new military aid package will include air defense systems; RZSO and shells for them, as well as additional artillery.

Biden announced a new aid package for Ukraine photo REUTERS
Biden announced a new aid package for Ukraine photo REUTERS

US President Joe Biden has announced a new $800 million aid package to Ukraine that will include advanced air defense systems.

He stated this at a press conference following the NATO video

In particular, this package will include air defense systems; RZSO HIMARS (from other countries) and shells for them; additional artillery and ammunition.

Biden noted that the United States has already provided $7 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since he became president of the country and plans to continue support.

“In the coming days, we plan to announce more, including new modern Western air defense systems for Ukraine, more artillery and ammunition, anti-battery radars, additional ammunition for the HIMARS missile systems that we are already providing to Ukraine,” Biden said.

He added that Ukraine will also receive more HIMARS installations from other countries.

What is HIMARS

HIMARS is an American highly mobile multiple launch rocket system developed in the late 90s.

This MLRS is designed to destroy areas of concentration of artillery systems, air defense systems and fire support, trucks, combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as to provide fire support to its units.

The system is designed to fire guided and unguided missiles. The maximum range is 300 km.

Ukraine has so far received missiles with a range of up to 80 km. American long-range MLRS HIMARS are already involved in  battles with the invaders. 

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