Andrei Kelin; RuZZian ambassador to the UK


  1. Those who lie on behalf of terrorists are themselves terrorists.
    Those whose job it is to sanitize the actions of a genocidal dictator are no different from the dictator.
    The leaders, propagandists and “diplomats” must all face justice.
    Kelin is a smiling, hateful sadist who represents the malignant, cancerous tumour masquerading as a country very well.

    • I haven’t seen such creatures as being diplomats for years. They are nothing but spies, propagandists and criminals all masquerading as diplomats. The ones from the old Soviet Union were too, but at least they had a bit more dignity than these varmints!

  2. Britain should immediately expel this piece of dog crap for this disgusting whitewashing of mafia land’s obvious crimes.

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