Tulsi Gabbard: Biden Treasonous in Letting Zelenskyy Dictate US War Goal

Former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard on Wednesday accused President Joe Biden of committing “treason” for allowing another world leader to dictate the U.S. goal in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Gabbard took to Twitter to chastise Biden and his administration for letting Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy lead the way following Russia’s unprovoked attack on its Eastern European neighbor.

“Every time this Admin has been asked what the goal of our war with Russia is, using Ukrainians as our proxy, (i.e. how will we know when victory is achieved?) they’ve dodged the question by declaring the president of Ukraine will make that decision & the U.S. will follow …  his leadership,” Gabbard tweeted Wednesday morning.

“So, the most important foreign policy position our country has faced in the last 60 years is not being made by US Congress or an American president, but by the leader of a foreign country.”

Gabbard, former congresswoman from Hawaii, tweeted three comments made by Biden administration officials:

  • “At the end of the day, what this looks like, what end state looks like will be defined by the Ukrainians and not by us. And so we’ll leave that up to President Zelenskyy and his leadership to talk about how this transitions.” — Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, May 23, 2022
  • “The end state is defined by the political leadership, and in this case, President Zelenskyy is going to define the end state inside the boundaries of Ukraine.” — Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley, May 23, 2022
  • “President Zelenskyy is the democratically elected president of a sovereign nation, and only he can decide what victory is going to look like and how he wants to achieve it.” — then-Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby, April 29, 2022

“If handing over American sovereignty to the leader of another country isn’t treason, what is?” Gabbard ended her Twitter string.

Gabbard tweeted on a day Biden said that the U.S. will significantly increase its military presence in Europe for the long haul, including by establishing its first permanent presence in Poland, to bolster regional security after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the opening of the alliance’s annual leaders’ summit in Madrid, Biden said “NATO is strong and united” and that steps to be taken during the gathering will “further augment our collective strength.”



  1. The only person committing treason is this Putler mouthpiece. In 2022, she blamed the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine on the Biden administration’s foreign policy and argued against economic sanctions on Russia. In March 2022, she said media freedom in Russia is “not so different” to that of the United States..

  2. This evil skank has long been an object of affection for the putinazis. RaT is her second home.
    I don’t know how big her putler wing of the Dems is. Anyone know?
    The Trumputler wing of the GOP has identical views to her regarding the nazi rodent.

  3. Gabbard is an idiot. The US is not in the war and so no one can dictate our war aims. Allowing Ukraine to define their war aims is not turning anything over to them. Zelensky is simply acting as a normal head of state.

  4. Just think if this sack of dog crap had been elected. The mere thought shivers me to no end.

  5. Dumb bitch.
    And I used to like her and her recod.
    Now she sounds more like Trump every day.’
    Hoever lets look at that for a second.
    Ukraine is attacked by an enemy who has made no bones about that fact that is just first step.
    We are supporting them but not fighting in the war ie; it is infact NOT “Our” war.
    So why the hell does she think Biden should be dictating the goals to Zelensky?
    Secondly just how the fuck does that make Biden a traitor?
    Like I said; dumb bitch.

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