Russia can be thrown back behind the line on February 23 before the end of the year: General Hodges called the condition

Russian artillery needs to be irreparably damaged, says General Hodges.

HIMARS complex with GMLRS / US Army missiles
HIMARS complex with GMLRS / US Army missiles

The Ukrainian army will push the Russians back behind the line on February 23 by the end of the year, if the West consolidates supplies of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the required quantity.

This was announced on the Voice of America by the former commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.

“In the next few weeks, we will begin to feel the difference from long-range artillery and missiles and the impact they have on Russian troops. But until then, it will be hell for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians being hit by Russian artillery,” Gojes said.

He agreed with the thesis about the delay in the delivery of heavy weapons by the United States, because “some decisions were approved later than they should have been.” 

“There was concern that we could somehow provoke the Russians if we provided some capacity. And we ended up providing them, and the Russians did not react at all. We ourselves restrained ourselves more than necessary. That is why we are now lagging behind in providing some capacities. But the positive thing is that the process has begun,” the ex-commander said.

Hodges hopes that the US will develop a strategy for the Black Sea region, since Ukraine is strategically important because of its position: “So we need a strategy for the region, so that we have a longer-term security plan for Ukraine and other states in the region.”

When asked if the army of four HIMERS MLRS that were sent by partners is now enough, Hodges replied: “As for HIMERS, this is good, but this is about 10% of the required amount. And, of course, ammunition is needed. To have such influence that leads to victory, we still need about 40 HIMERS”.

He clarified that it was about stopping the Russian army and causing irreparable damage to enemy artillery.

“If they (Ukrainians – UNIAN) do this, and then the General Staff decides that the Russians have weakened enough and it is necessary to launch a counteroffensive … I think that without artillery, the Russians will not be able to compare with the Ukrainians,” the American military said.

In his opinion, the only thing that Russia can do is fire an endless amount of artillery. If this artillery does not exist, the Russians will become vulnerable.

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  1. “…some decisions were approved later than they should have been.”

    For the life of me, and if I am to be 200 or 300 years old, I will never understand the hesitancy of providing Ukraine with the types of armaments that it desperately needs, especially after it became clear that the country can fight, is willing to fight and is fighting skillfully.
    This hesitation has cost x amount of lives, and it continues costing lives.

    • And then again after Bucha. If I were POTUS during the return of Bucha and found out what the ruSSo-nazis did, I would invite Ukraine’s generals to the military depots in the USA and tell them, “What ever you want, its yours.”

      • That fucking runt must have kompromat on the entire Western leadership, so it almost seems.

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