Putin radically strengthened NATO by war in Ukraine, now he has only two options – Eidman

The Russian publicist is sure that Putin was betting on the fall of the Alliance.

Russian sociologist on the results of the NATO summit: the Kremlin has two options / photo REUTERS
Russian sociologist on the results of the NATO summit: the Kremlin has two options / photo REUTERS

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hoped that the war in Ukraine would break up NATO, but the Alliance summit in Madrid showed that his bet did not work.

This was stated by Russian publicist and sociologist Igor Eidman in a comment to  OBOZREVATEL .PlayUnmute

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“Putin, the fool, thought that he would quickly capture Ukraine, everyone would be afraid of great Russia, and NATO would shamefully collapse from fear. But as a result of this, the Kremlin leader will receive a fundamental strengthening of the Alliance,” Eidman said.

In particular, the publicist singled out three key outcomes of the Alliance summit:

  • the entry into NATO of Sweden and Finland, the complete dominance of NATO in the Baltic. He notices that Sweden has a very serious and well-maintained army. Even Germany, which is much larger, has paid much less attention to its defense in recent decades;
  • an increase in American forces and weapons in Europe;
  • a radical strengthening of the German army, which should take place in the next few years. It is assumed that the authorities will allocate 100 billion euros for this. Eidman believes that this will not be the last funding, Scholz promises the largest army in Europe.

“That is, instead of weakening, splitting, and breaking up NATO, Putin has radically strengthened this Alliance with his criminal adventure in Ukraine. Now the Kremlin has two options left. The first is that Russia is losing the “hot” war with Ukraine and the “cold” war with NATO within some time. And after that, the Putin regime will collapse. The second option is the Russian dictator will start a nuclear war. In the end, he too will lose and fall, but this will be preceded by a global world catastrophe. For the regime, both options mean the end, collapse and death. “But the only question is how many lives Putin will take with him. In the worst case scenario, that is, in the event of a nuclear war, tens or even hundreds of millions of people will become victims of the Russian regime. And I cannot reject this option. The probability of such an outcome is less than 50%,however, it exists and it is significant,” concluded Eidman.

Earlier, a candidate of legal sciences, human rights activist Mark Feigin suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly has a personality disorder.

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  1. Personality disorder? He’s a clinical psychopath. Not all murderers are psychopaths, but a hell of a lot of them are. Google the characteristics: he’s got the lot.
    It seems clear now that psychopathy is more prevalent in Russia than in normal countries.
    Journalists were amazed to see that the Red Army showed no empathy, no kindness, no reaction to the suffering they saw when they entered concentration camps. Indeed, many of them raped the victims.
    Putler is able to spot fellow psychopaths and often hires them for top jobs.

    • Russians are by tradition subhuman filth. All those videos about their drunkenness is only a snipped of their true, sick and depraved mentality. The Ukrainian people KNOW why they want no part of this disgusting ruskie mir.

  2. “Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly has a personality disorder.”

    That’s putting it mildly. The rat is as insane as anyone can get, and his propaganda machinery has made mafia land’s depraved population almost as insane.

    • If anyone since Hitler has ever been owed assassination it would be the demented dwarf from Moskovia. I would wager the vast majority of Russians would celebrate it too.

      • Seeing some of the saddest videos and pictures of this war and reading them – especially where children are involved – I hope that the runt will not only die soon, but will do so only after suffering long and torturous pain. The same goes with every perpetrator that helped him, from Shoigu, Liarrov, Pest-cough and on down to the lowliest private.

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