New slap in the face of Russia: Norway did not let the cargo for Russian miners pass

The reason for the refusal was the sanctions against the aggressor country.

Norway refuses to allow Russian cargo to enter Russian settlements on its archipelago / REUTERS photo
Norway refuses to allow Russian cargo to enter Russian settlements on its archipelago / REUTERS photo

Norway, due to sanctions against the Russian Federation , refused to let the cargo go to the Svalbard archipelago. The mining town of Barentsburg, located there, is predominantly Russian.

It is reported by  NRK .

NASAMS не смогут защитить Украину от ракетных ударов РФ

The Russian mining company’s application for a permit was rejected on 15 June.

20 tons of Russian goods are blocked at the Storskog border station. The Russian side asks Norway to make an exception to the sanctions.

At the same time, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry emphasizes that Norwegian laws and powers apply in Barentsburg and Pyramid in the same way as in the rest of Svalbard. The fact that these communities are Russian does not change the situation.

As you know, Svalbard is under Norwegian sovereignty, but has a unique status, enshrined in the Svalbard Treaty of 1920. It grants citizens of all signatory countries equal rights in the economic exploitation of natural resources. Now Russia is the only country other than Norway that maintains an economic presence in the archipelago. There is also the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.

Recall that earlier a similar situation developed with the Russian Kaliningrad. Since June 18, Lithuania has  stopped the transit of sanctioned cargo between the Kaliningrad region and the main territory of the Russian Federation.

Subsequently, the governor of the Kaliningrad  region, Anton Alikhanov, said that Lithuania’s decision to ban transit is “economic strangulation of the region.” According to Alikhanov, the authorities will seek a review of the decision. 

Later, a member of the Federation Council,  Andrey Klishas, ​​said that “Lithuania’s attempt to establish a transport blockade of the Kaliningrad region is a violation of Russia’s sovereignty over this region.”

At the same time  , Russia threatened Lithuania with a response  to the transport blockade of sanctioned goods in the Kaliningrad region.

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