Kuleba calls for Gazprombank to be banned from SWIFT

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has called on partners to ban Russia’s Gazprombank from SWIFT. The bank is used both to receive European oil and gas payments and to pay salaries to the Russian military.

He wrote this on his Twitter feed, reacting to an investigation by journalists from the Skhemy [Scheme] programme [Journalist Investigations and News, a project of the Ukrainian service of Radio Svoboda – ed.].

“Ukrainian investigative journalists have revealed that Russian Gazprom Bank is being used to both receive European payments for gas and oil and pay salaries to Russian troops who are waging an aggressive war against Ukraine.

What an irony. Gazprom bank must be sanctioned and banned from SWIFT,” the minister wrote.


Skhemy journalists have discovered that Russia is paying salaries and allowances to its soldiers fighting in the war against Ukraine through Gazprombank – the bank has so far avoided serious Western sanctions, including removal from SWIFT.



  1. So the EU are indirectly paying orcs to attack Ukraine, and help Muscovy finance this war.

  2. The krauts were the most vehement against taking this bank from SWIFT. They are like junkies with its addiction to Ruskie fossil fuels. They don’t care about the countless deaths their business partner causes.

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