Just Pick A Fighter And Start Training Ukrainian Pilots On It As Soon As Possible



  1. This article is almost 3 months old. We can only hope that things have moved on rapidly since then.

    • Wishful thinking? The west plays its violin as Ukrainians die ! Sick bastards and their paranoid about WW3. It’s already here and it’s on your doorsteps assholes.

      • NATO could stop this war in 5 minutes. All it needs is NATO to tell Putler, remove your orcs from Ukraine, or we’ll do it. Putler will shout, scream and threaten, but will back down like he always does when threatened.

        • But that is exactly what he wants. Right now he is losing to Ukraine, how embarrassing. He may try to spin it but if the mighty VVP can’t beat little Ukraine what use is he?
          I suppose there are two objectives; one against Putler and the other is against Putler’s military. I suppose they don’t have to be mutually exclusive but if the goal is to defeat the military, NATO could do as you say but if the goal is to defeat Putler, NATO must stay out of it. Or am I missing something?

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