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June 29

International Children Day

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, 243 children were killed by Russia (

We also have many of those who were injured or became orphans.

Children are getting used to living inside the bomb shelters and undergrounds (

Just think about it, they are living without fresh air, sun, or wind in the age when they suppose to play, have fun, explore the world, and learn about nature.

Also, Russians do not only kill and deprive of freedom, they rape and torture. For instance:

I want to outline, that this kind of atrocity is not something new for Russians. My grand grandfather (Ukrainian) was exiled to a Russian concentration camp in Siberia, together with his family, at the age of 5, just because Russians wanted to rob his family’s wealthy house and production site. Because Ukrainians’ lives are nothing to them: just a resource, no mercy, even for children.

And here we see all of it again in the 21st century, at the full-scale madness, with media coverage.

Frankly, I don’t even care about my life. I’m 27 and willing to sacrifice my life for Ukraine if needed because I’m sick and tired of Russian nazis, that pretend to be superior to others and wish to utilize other nations as slaves and objects of their perverted violence.

But those children’s lives were not designated for death and torture!

Please help us. Daily. Constantly.

Push your governments for more military and diplomatic support. Express opinions. Attend pro-Ukrainian demonstrations. Boycott Russia’s produce.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history, don’t you? You wouldn’t want to tell your grandchildren that you just stood by when that massive genocide happened.

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  1. Heartbreaking and terrible to read.
    God bless Ukraine and protect her from the worst creatures that have ever inhabited this planet.

    • This is evil beyond measure. Stoltenberg, Macron, Merkel, Sholtz and Orban should be forced to watch, hear and listen to the relatives of these innocent victims.

  2. “They rape children to death, forcing parents to watch”

    Nothing could hold me back to attack such despicable creatures in such a situation. It would take numerous bullets to stop me.

  3. Orcs have pitted themselves against everything pure, decent, and holy. Their evil seems to have no limits. Lovers of freedom must truly unite beside Ukraine in not just thoughts but deeds. May God Almighty crush the orcs under the feet of the Defenders of Ukraine.

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