From the LinkedIn page of Igor Goncharenko

June 25

On the photo you can see the biggest solar energy station in Ukraine – 96 hectars, 50 mega Watt.
Actually, it had been the biggest one, as russians recently dismantled it and took away somewhere to russia.

Russians steal everything – from grain to washing machines. Everything caught by their greedy eyes.
In the ancient times, when armies captured cities, they were immediately robbing them and stealing everything valuable. Russia is still there – in the ancient past…

And it’s not even surprising. This is the only way, how Kremlin can still manage the country – just let corruptioners take what they want, allow soldiers “win” their tropheys. Otherwise, the putin’s dictatorship would not survive a year.

Let us not forget, that they’re robbing not only Ukrainians, but in the case of grain, for example, they are stealing from those most in need around the world, from the poorest ones, dooming them to starvation.


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  1. Besides being bad enough to be stolen, the morons of the east have no inkling how to use it properly. The biggest part of the components will get damaged or lost, and much of it that makes it to mafia land will in turn be re-stolen. And this goes on until it ends up as junk, scattered around in various places somewhere in the shithole called Russia.

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