Putin signed: smuggling finally legalized in Russia

In the Russian Federation, there is now no punishment for the so-called “parallel imports”.

Vladimir Putin legalized smuggling in Russia / screenshot
Vladimir Putin legalized smuggling in Russia / screenshot

In the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin signed a law legalizing smuggling in his country.

The Russian leader signed the law on the legalization of the so – called parallel imports , writes TASS .

The law gives the Russian government the right to determine goods for which Russian companies will not be held criminally, administratively or civilly liable for smuggling.

Recall that the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in early May published a list that included more than 50 categories of goods for smuggling. The list, in particular, included equipment and electronics, weapons, soap, medicines.

The list included products from brands such as Samsung, Siemens, Apple, Panasonic, Intel, Asus, Logitech, GoPro and Electolux.

In the Russian Federation, the largest marketplaces are ready to sell contraband goods.

Help UNIAN. After Russia invaded Ukraine early in the morning on February 24, partner countries of the Ukrainian state introduced new restrictive measures against the Russian side, and a number of companies refused to cooperate with the Russian Federation .

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  1. “Putin signed: smuggling finally legalized in Russia”

    Well, this is just another reason why Russia’s moniker is mafia land!

    • And the mafia don still thinks his regime and companies from Moskovia can get away with selling contraband. The destruction of the Russian State continues. Soon to be down at China’s level.

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