Hostilities to end if Kiev orders nationalists to lay down weapons — Kremlin spokesman

Warning contains verbal diarrhea from Putler’s lapdog!

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky remarked that he would like to end the hostilities before the cold comes.

MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. Hostilities in Ukraine may end “before the end of today,” if Kiev orders the nationalists to lay down their weapons, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Tuesday.

“The Ukrainian side can end all this before the end of this day; an order is necessary for the nationalist units to lay down their weapons, an order is necessary for the Ukrainian military to lay down their weapons; and they must fulfill all Russia’s demands. Then everything will be over before the day ends,” the spokesman said, commenting on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s remark that he would like to end the hostilities before the cold comes.

“Everything else are just speculations of the Ukrainian head of state,” the spokesman added.

“We orient ourselves on the statements made by our President [Vladimir Putin] that the special military operation proceeds according to the plan and achieves its goals,” the spokesman underscored.

When asked if the Russian side has any approximate timeframe for the end of the special operation, Peskov answered in a negative.

“No,” he said.


  1. Just as Ukraine are receiving modern weapons from the West, which will only increase once the lend lease is under way, Putler’s lapdog wants Ukraine to surrender. Sorry Peskov, war doesn’t work that way. Ukraine are going to exterminate all the vermin currently infesting the country.

    • Obviously, as the Goebbells to putler’s Hitler, Pisscough has to hang. But it’s interesting what he says. What exactly are the terms of his tiny fuhrer, have they been published?
      At the start of putler’s Holocaust, the terms were total surrender. What are they now, as a matter of interest?
      Whatever they are, they should be published, so that the world can know the depths of depravity and evil this evil regime has sunk to?
      France of course did surrender to a nazi murder gang, but they expected we the allies to do all the fighting for them. Because they are a nation of collaborators and cowards.
      After the war, the British created The Army of the Rhine to protect Germany. This consisted of 55,000 men and from the 1950’s was armed with tactical nukes.
      We were prepared to do all that for two worthless, treacherous countries that hate us, yet we still only give 10% of what we could give to Ukraine; a country that a) likes us, b) can and will fight and c) is a lot more like us than the frogs and krauts ever will be.

  2. If the “nationalists” lay down their arms, there would be peace that day. The peace of the grave. Putin intends to destroy the entire Ukrainian ethnicity and that is why he is destroying anything and anyone, within reach. Alas, he is also destroying his own country in the process.

  3. Orcs have already proven what they do to people whom lay down their arms. Well said CapW.

  4. Of course, mafia land has a very thin hope that they can convince Ukraine to surrender before their own final defeat, which is looming larger with each passing day.

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