Great video. Just watch :


  1. My God. There really are wonderful people in this world. I just wish I wasn’t so fuckin old that I could be there helping in anyway I can. I hate just sitting back and watching from the sidelines. Wish I could do more. It’s just not in my UKIE DNA. to sit back. Well, God bless them all. And Scradgel thanks for sharing.

    • We fight as we are able Cap. You are fighting here, with truth, with our fundraiser, with opinions and with prayers. We fight Moskali disinformation and that is important too and we fight in English so more people can get good information. There is much work to do in Ukraine and outside of Ukraine and you are helping.

  2. Слава Україні!
    Слава її героям!
    Glory to the foreign heroes, just as well!

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