From FB site; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle June 28

🇺🇦 Day 124 of the war in Ukraine!
The last few days while the world watches, Russia targeted pre-schools in Kyiv. They destroyed one of Ukraine’s best surgical hospitals in Kharkiv and today they bombed a shopping mall in Kremenchuk. There were over 1000 people there during the busiest time of the day. The rockets Russia used today were one of their heaviest. Almost one ton that is used for destroying naval vessels. Why would they need that kind of rocket for a shopping mall? There is a deliberate and intentional effort under way to target Ukrainian civilians by the Russians. Why are innocent civilians being killed if Russia is not trying to eliminate the whole society? What can we do? Take a stand against evil, speak out to everyone who doesn’t understand what is happening in Ukraine. Talk to your representatives, leaders, and anyone about this injustice. And of course, continue praying. Today’s picture shows before and after of what is left of the shopping mall.


  1. Will these demonic attacks finally force the civilised world to take decisive action, rather than the usual empty condemnation?
    Unfortunately I wouldn’t bet on it.
    In case they feel like acting in unison for once, here’s what they can and should do:
    Ban ALL Russians permanently from entering the EU or North America. The only exceptions being those with an established track record of opposition to putinaziism.
    Seize the cash, property and commercial assets of all Russians on those territories and transfer it to Ukraine.
    Deport them all.
    Wealthy countries with huge stashes of putler cash that give next to nothing to Ukraine, such as Litchenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg etc, must be forced to pay up.
    Wealthy but tight fisted countries such as the Scandies should be forced to pay their fair share to Ukraine.
    The US is providing a Norwegian air defence system for Ukraine. Why the fuck didn’t Norway provide it?
    Germany, France and Italy funded putler’s genocide. They must now be forced to pay €billions to Ukraine.
    Sarkozy, Merkel, Schroeder and many other corrupt putlerite politicians must be handed over to The Hague for collaborating with a genocidal fascist power.
    Big name media and political figures in the US and Europe that have been working assiduously for putler must now be arrested and have their assets seized.

    • That air defense system was a joint project by Norway and the USA so I suppose they both had to sign off on the sale or transfer. Not to take away from your point but that clarification might help.
      I think Zelensky is onto something by relabeling the Moskali as Terrorists. It has a lot of legal implications that I hope catch on. I’m not sure what our fair weathered friends in Berlin and Paris would do though.

      • Germany and France should be labeled the India and China of Europe. Maybe that will open their eyes as to what they truly are.

        • Its really too bad that some countries like China and Russia always want to beat the USA. Its like when you are a champion of something and everyone suddenly wants to challenge you.
          The USA is big and strong but never took anything. Those are NOT the aspirations of China and Russia. It should be veryfuckingeasy to choose sides and forget about beating the Champion.

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