Dalia Grybauskaite

A statement she made at the beginning of March 2022, has been reposted repeatedly on FB and elsewhere ever since. The following is an improved translation from Oksana Kozak :

Someone had to say it. Thanks to the unbreakable Dalia Grybauskaite for the bitter truth. Which may lead to the theme of the “cowardly West”. Or accomplices of Putin’s war crimes? The full text follows:

“It’s starting to look like this.

Sanctions will not stop Putin, whatever they are. They’re necessary but without any exceptions like those we see in SWIFT’s outages or in the energy sector and the banks that serve it..

Only a war that has already been started can stop a new war. There is no need to pretend and try to soothe our conscience by not supplying Ukraine with anything except weapons, and it’s too late. The people of Ukraine are fighting for us, and the children of Ukraine protect us from Putin’s madness.

Repetition of the mantra that NATO can not help Ukraine already sounds pathosno and shows the cowardice of the West.

Putin sees this too. Although he learns quickly, the West still does not understand that there is a European war in Ukraine. Either you take part in it and fight the aggressor or you become an accomplice in war crimes by just standing and watching Ukraine and its people destroy. Yes, an accomplice.

If we do not stop Putin in Ukraine, we will still have to wage a war, but in our countries.

Ukraine is asking for real help, and we are watching residential blocks being demolished on our TV screens, and all the time we say that we “strongly support Ukraine”.

I am ashamed to hear NATO leaders and officials mumble that they “cannot be involved in conflict”. But we did it in Syria, Libya, Africa, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, didn’t we?

Today Ukraine is fighting for the survival of its nation and for peace in Europe. Will we continue to watch an independent state being destroyed?

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her heroes, and so far only her heroes, because there are no others on the horizon. “
Dalia Grybauskaitė

StopPutin #StopWar


  1. Since the end of the Cold War, the US and UK have been willing to give blood and treasure to help people who don’t even like us: Bosnia, Kuait, Afghanistan (to the tune of $trillions), Iraq, Syria, Libya and more. Yet for people who really do like us (and who sorely need our help) we are oddly shy to come up with the goods. Each time, Zel has to beg for goodies.
    As for most of the rest of the world; except for Dalia’s country; Lithuania, plus Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, you are beneath contempt. Nato could have prevented putler’s psychopathic horror by allowing Georgia and Ukraine to join in 2008, but it allowed itself to be dictated to by two integrity-free shit countries: Germany and France.

  2. Well said, Mrs. Dalia Grybauskaite … a woman every bit as great as the late Margret Thatcher!

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