Baykar plant in the near future will focus only on orders from Ukraine – Reznikov

The head of the Ministry of Defense noted that Ukraine has contracted almost all the capacities of the manufacturer “Bayraktarov”

Ukraine has become the largest buyer of "Bayraktarov" / photo
Ukraine has become the largest buyer of “Bayraktarov” / photo

Ukraine has become one of the largest buyers of Bayraktar strike drones . The Ministry of Defense has already adopted up to fifty “birds”

This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov on video

He recalled that the Baykar Makina company “gives its “birds” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine absolutely free of charge for the second time,” and “all the funds raised by volunteers can be used by them for other useful and important things.”

At the same time, Reznikov called the drone a respected member of the “weapons club” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In total, since February 24, the Ministry of Defense has put into service up to fifty “airplanes”, several more have already been contracted and paid for, and their delivery is expected in July. In addition, there is an order for dozens more drones.

“In the near future, almost all the capacities of the Baykar Makina plant will be focused on meeting the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” summed up the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

As UNIAN previously reported, the Ukrainian military, with the help of Turkish drones, is showing good results in destroying the enemy. In this regard, Lithuania decided to help Ukraine and in 3.5 days collected 5 million euros for the purchase of the Bayraktar UAV. Then the Turkish company decided to donate the drones for free.

After that, showman Sergey Prytula and blogger Igor Lachenkov  opened a fundraiser  for drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 22. The goal was to raise 500 million hryvnias for three Bayraktars. The Ukrainians did it in three days, collectively collecting 600 million hryvnias.

In turn, Baykar  announced  that it would again give Ukraine three Bayraktar TB2 UAVs free of charge.

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    • I agree, Cap. One day you can love Turkey for one thing, then the next day you’d like to nuke it for another.

  1. This means that the drones are very effective weapons … more so than all the videos would suggest, since Ukraine is using a whole range of drones, including the Switchblades from the US.
    At any rate, this is good business for the Turkish firm, and its successes are very good advertisement.

  2. […] Baykar, который производит беспилотники на 2 миллиона долларов и понимает важность своих «птиц» как символов борьбы, отказался принимать платежи, вместо этого направив деньги на другие нужды украинской армии. В сообщениях говорится, что страна заказала много дополнительных самолетов, произведенных Baykar. только для Украины. […]

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