Armed Forces of Ukraine clearly demonstrated why HIMARS is better than the Russian MLRS “Grad” and “Uragan”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have clearly shown why the American multiple launch rocket system HIMARS better than the Russian “Grad” and “Hurricane”.

So why?

For clarity, on the page of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is a small video. The first frames show how the Uragan and Grad MLRS hit targets. The missiles of these two systems are not able to accurately hit the target, but randomly scatter over a large area.

In the case of the American MLRS HIMARS this problem is eliminated due to the use of high-precision guided missiles with GPS. The footage shows how the missiles accurately destroy the target.

Note that the video uses material filmed in Afghanistan. APU is already using HIMARS, but for now there is only one video of the operation of the multiple launch rocket system.


  1. Accuracy is the name of the game when you don’t have masses of ammo to squander. Using fewer rounds to accomplish a task also makes logistics a lot easier, and it gives the artillery/rocket system the opportunity to scram from the area earlier, reducing the chance of getting into a country battery fire.
    As the accurate, Western weapons come to play more and more n Ukraine, the cockroaches will start feeling the excruciating pain. They’ve yet to learn that scattering ammo uselessly across an entire field to destroy one or two targets is the methodology of WWII and not of 21st century warfare.

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