Russian kindergarten thanks Russian invaders for killing Ukrainians (photo)

The institution brings up real “patriots” of the Russian Federation.

Kindergarten pupils sing that they "will soon grow up and join the army" / photo: UP
Kindergarten pupils sing that they “will soon grow up and join the army” / photo: UP

In Russia, the kindergarten “Kid” in the city of Kemerovo regularly publishes military reports and calls for the murder of “enemies” on its page on the social network “VKontakte”.

After the publicity in the Russian media, some messages have already been deleted, but the screenshots have already scattered across the network. In particular, the administrators believe that the occupiers kill more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers every day, and in Europe and the United States, the number of people whose standard of living is approaching the poverty line is growing. Because of this, according to the kindergarten workers, soon everyone will understand the justice of the special operation in Ukraine.

In addition, real “patriots” of the Russian Federation are brought up in kindergarten. In particular, in one of the published posts, children sing that they “will soon grow up and go to the army.”

Recall that Defense Minister Reznikov offered to respond to Russia after its attacks on Ukrainian cities.

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      • Why would orcs need schooling? they are only there to die for Putler’s genocidal invasions.

  1. Russia is a despicable shithole. It has far more in common with Nazi Germany than the appeasers would ever want to admit.

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