AFU blew up 3 enemy ammunition depots in Kherson region

Ukrainian fighter jets and helicopters carried out airstrikes in pairs on the accumulation of enemy manpower and military equipment in three areas of Kherson region.

This is reported by the Operational Command South.

In general, during the day, the confirmed losses of the enemy amounted to 39 soldiers and officers, a T-72 tank, four armored units and three vehicles. Three ammunition depots were also destroyed.

It is also reported that Russian troops have stepped up aerial reconnaissance in Kherson region, trying to reconnoiter the positions of Ukrainian units. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian Orlan-10 UAVs.

It is noted that the fighting in the south mainly takes place through artillery duels and air raids. Continuing futile attempts to restore the lost territories in Kherson region, the invaders launched an air strike with a Mi-28 helicopter.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, a soldier of the air defense unit of the 79th separate air assault brigade Mykolayiv assault troopers of the AFU shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft.

Also, the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter with the help of an Igla MANPADS.


  1. If this keeps up and Ukraine destroys any more ammo dumps, the cockroach army will soon have to use slingshots.

  2. Ukraine destroy orc ammunition dumps. Orcs destroy shopping malls full of people. Who are the nazis?

      • It’s time Muscovy was declared a terrorist state. The process has already started in the US, I don’t think we need any more proof. BTW the orc press said a fire broke out in the mall, but never said what caused it.

        • State TV propagandist vermin have already used the tired old “Ukrainian false flag” narrative.
          Pretty much the only people in the world actually low enough to instigate real false flags are the RuZZians. Putler started with the Moscow region apartment bombings and has never stopped since then.
          RuZZia today is what it has always been: a Petri dish for genocidal imperialists.

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