How ordinary Russians were turned into murderers and rapists through TV and smartphones

How ordinary Russians were turned into murderers and rapists through TV and smartphones


  1. Devilry.

    “Russia is no longer authoritarian. This is a totalitarian state where the regime has given the green light to its citizens to be as cruel as possible. It gave permission to kill, torture and rape. This permission was delivered through the media. Through TVs and smartphones, ordinary Russians, who were then sent to Ukraine to fight, were turned into murderers and rapists. And millions of other Russians were allowed to cheer and applaud for this.”

    Something is going on in Russia that is indescribable; beyond evil.

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  3. “Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on 21 June 2022, information warfare expert Liubov Tsybulska told that the Kremlin’s systematic propaganda that “fed the Russian nation with hatred” enabled the ongoing genocide of Ukrainians. The propagandists behind it should be brought to justice together with the rest of the Russian leadership.”

    If mature, independent-thinking people follow evil propaganda, aren’t they just as guilty as those who invent and propagate such evilness? IMHO, I think so, especially in this day and age.
    Right after WWII, the Germans who lived near concentration camps were forced to take tours through them by allied soldiers so that they can see with their own eyes what horrors their nation has brought upon innocent people. The Germans back then claimed not to have been aware of such evilness. All the other crimes that had been committed across the vast expanse of occupied Europe were also unknown to them.
    Was it true?
    Back then, the only way to get informed was by newspapers and radio. The regime had firm control of those two media, so it’s viable that, at least the vast majority of Germans, were unaware of just how evil their Führer really was.
    The Russian people, however, have no excuse of being ignorant. At least, not in such a scale. We can ignore the babushkas and dedushkas in far-flung towns and villages, who have no inkling about the internet, smartphones or social media. They are being brainwashed day and night with no way to check other sources for alternative info. The rest are as guilty of making this genocide possible as the perpetrators themselves. Today is a far different world from the mid-twentieth century. Huge numbers of Russians have visited other nations, are even living abroad, or know someone who is or has. They know VK, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They have international news at their fingertip, like anyone else on this globe with access to the WWW.
    In short, the Russian people have no viable excuse of “we didn’t know”. They know. They are very well aware of the death and destruction that their evil regime is bringing to Ukraine, and of the lies that this same regime is spreading. They see the images and videos of this terrible war just like you and I do. I know they do because I personally know some Russians, there and in foreign lands. I know that they are FULLY aware of what’s going on, yet they still allowed themselves to be blinded by hate! I simply cannot fathom their mindset. I don’t understand why they are like this … why they have such a 19th century psyche. But, for sure, these type Russians are as guilty as the Russian propagandists and perpetrators.

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