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June 26

Dear Europeans,

You might be tired of war even though in public speeches “the war” is typically replaced with “the geopolitical situation”

You might be much more upset with the inflation than pieces of news from Ukraine.

Finally, it is the first summer after a couple of years of lockdown when you can have a rest and travel across the world, so “the geopolitical situation” should be on hold at least until September

Unfortunately, I can’t do the same

Each day we are getting news about extraordinary people who could be scientists, artists, or businessmen in a peaceful world, but they were killed by russians

It is the second day in a row of heavy missiles attacks in Ukraine, which might be explained by russian reaction to the EU candidate status of Ukraine

Today early in the morning russian missiles stroked a residential block in Kyiv

Russia is a terrorist country that is killing civilians just to please its own old dictator

Each day of debates and delays regarding embargo or sanctions causes new and new deaths 

#stopputin #stoprussia

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