From FB: Russians gloating at genocide

June 26

Russians just hate Ukrainians…that’s the only reason they are here in Ukraine today (and not only Ukrainians. They hate Polish people, people of all Baltic countries, and all other civilized world)…pure hatred!

Russian people’s feedback below after the missiles hit Kyiv this morning.


  1. RuZZia client state Iran has repeatedly expressed its official policy is the total destruction of a country. In that rare case, Israel. It is now clear that Iran is not alone. RuZZian hatred of Ukraine exceeds even that of Iran for Israel.
    It is now 100% clear that the Iranian missile strike of a Ukraine Airways plane in Tehran has in 2020 was carried out on RuZZian orders.
    It is now 99% certain that the 2010 Smolensk disaster was in fact an assassination; mass murder of Poland’s ruling elite.
    Not coincidentally, Poland is also hated by RuZZia.
    RuSSia is a cauldron of hate; and that is how it keeps getting away with murder. Its people just love it.

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  2. These are just animals. Centuries of imperialism will not stop in Ukraine. This will take generations of leaders who dismiss imperialism and try to bring these animals back to being a democracy

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  3. Russia has been turned into something that has very much in common with Nazi Germany. The largest majority of ruskies have been brainwashed to hate Ukrainians, like the Germans were brainwashed to hate Jews. Vlad Putler has successfully turned Russia into the most evil country on this globe.

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