By the end of the year, 50,000 square meters of social housing will be built in Irpen

Officers of the 92nd Brigade received staff housing

The Kyiv Regional Council is transferring the Lastivka sanatorium on Pushkinska Street to the ownership of the city of Irpin. The city council will change the purpose of the territory and it is planned to build 50,000 meters of social housing on it by state funds by the end of the year. 

They plan to build 5-storey buildings. This was stated by Mayor Alexander Markushin during a meeting of the Executive Committee, reports the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to .

According to him, the relevant commission found that 17 apartment buildings are not subject to restoration and will be demolished. “Our people have lost about 1,500 apartments. Up to 2,000 private estates have been partially or completely destroyed, ”Markushin said.

Demolition, dismantling, legal opinions and more take a long time. It is unrealistic to build new houses on the site of the old ones by the end of the year. Instead, it is done from scratch an order of magnitude faster.

Those who lost their homes are now being resettled in sanatoriums and tent camps .


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