Ukraine turns Yanukovych’s former residence into national park.

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the request of the Ministry of Environment to create a park-monument of landscape art of national importance on the territory of the Government residence “Mezhyhirya”.

The picturesque tract near the Dnieper “Mezhyhirya” since 1935 serves as a state residence. For years, places visited by various statesmen were inaccessible to Ukrainians. After the Revolution of Dignity, Mezhyhirya became one of the most popular tourist destinations.

According to preliminary data of experts, on the territory of the residence there is a very rich landscape diversity. 

“The Ministry of Environment, at the initiative of the Prime Minister, is starting the official process of transforming the Mezhyhirya Government Residence into a state park-monument. I hope that in the near future the favorite place of Ukrainian and foreign tourists in Kyiv region will become a protected area, such as “Feofania” , “Mariinsky Park” or “Holosiivsky Forest”, – said Minister Ruslan Strelets.

In order for the Mezhyhirya Government Residence to officially acquire the status of a park-monument of state importance, the Ministry of Environment must complete all legal procedures and prepare a relevant draft Presidential Decree.

Translated from Ukrainian into English via Google


  1. If you’re ever in Kyiv, visit Mezhyhirya. It’s well worth it! But, to see it all, plan to be there for an entire day, so come in the morning.

    • Not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I understand the architectural value but I also feel the evil, greed, treason and hate of anything that is good. Conflicted! Perhaps if I can take a shit on it, may make feel better.

      • I admit that this place will bring forth negative emotions when you realize that one person can be so utterly corrupt and live such an insanely lavish life in such a poor country. I’ve seen people weep at the sight of this bewildering luxury as they realize in what squalid conditions they themselves must endure in, while this entire, huge, extravagant complex was stolen from the people.
        However, it can also bring forth positive emotions when you realize that the very same people put a stop to it, dead in its tracks. The thief is not in prison or dead, unfortunately, but he and his gang are gone, never to return to this country, forever a useful idiot, living an existence that depends on the whims and wants of an evil dwarf.
        To experience one of the world’s most tragic examples of utter corruption and also its happy end, this is the place to see it.

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