The occupiers fired about 40 rockets in the regions of Ukraine during the night and morning: a summary by regions and victims (updated)

About 40 rockets were fired at the cities of Ukraine by Russian Nazis on the night and morning of June 25.

A massive attack was carried out, including from the territory of Belarus. Eyewitnesses report airstrikes.

Consequences of rocket attack in the Kharkov region. 06/25/2022

In the Zhytomyr region, infrastructure facilities were destroyed. The mayor of Zhytomyr, Sergei Sukhomlin, in his morning address to residents, announced the arrivals from Belarus and said that the border with this totalitarian country is being strengthened, and the promises of dictator Lukashenka are worth nothing.

“In total, 24 missiles were launched at military units and facilities around Zhytomyr. I can’t comment on where, how, there are victims or not. This is the business of our military administration. Everything is calm in Zhytomyr. Lukashenka is “winding” before Putin, before his army, before the West, but today we saw that Belarus is also taking part in the war, like the Russian Federation,” Sukhomlin said.

Information about the shelling of the village of Desna in the south of the  Chernihiv region has been confirmed. Eyewitnesses report more than ten explosions. The head of the regional military administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, spoke about the shelling and asked not to publish information, photos and videos until the official announcement.

A 60-year-old woman was wounded in the Dnepropetrovsk region as a result of enemy shelling.

“And again, the Krivoy Rog region is under fire. Shirokovskaya and Zelenodolsk communities were hit by artillery. In Zelenodolsk, a 60-year-old woman was injured. The farmhouse was damaged. It’s calm in other districts of the region at this moment, ”said the head of the Dnipropetrovsk OVA, Valentin Reznichenko.

In the Lviv region, Russian Nazis again fired at a military facility in  Yavoriv. The head of the Lviv OVA, Maxim Kozitsky, spoke about six missiles of the invaders, two of them were shot down by our defenders:

“As a result of the missile strike, four people were injured: one of moderate severity, three of light severity. All are hospitalized. At present, the rescuers managed to localize and extinguish the fire, which started as a result of missiles hit.”

Rocket strikes were carried out on the  Kharkiv and  Nikolaev regions.

Dumskaya is following developments.

UPDATED at 10.15. In the morning, air defense forces shot down two enemy missiles over the  Khmelnytsky region , said the head of the OVA, Serhiy Gamaly.

Fragments of one of them fell in the forest in the  Kamenetz-Podolsk region, the other – in the rural garden of one of the territorial communities of the Khmelnytsky region. There were no dead or wounded. Windows and doors in several residential buildings were damaged in  Khmelnytskyi district.

UPDATED at 10.27. The  invaders fired about 30 rockets in the Zhytomyr region . According to the head of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Vitaliy Bunechko, one Ukrainian soldier was killed, another was wounded.

“Today, starting at 4:15, the enemy launched rocket attacks on the Zhytomyr region. This time about 30 missiles were fired across the region. Now there is information about minor destruction of military infrastructure. One soldier was killed, one was injured,” Bunechko wrote on his official social media channel.

UPDATED at 10.53. On the territory of the Kharkov region, Russian Nazis fired at Bogodukhovsky, Kharkov, Izyumsky and  Chuguevsky districts. Residential houses, outbuildings were destroyed, several fires broke out, there are dead and wounded.

According to the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov, as a result of shelling by Russian invaders,  five civilians were wounded in the Izyum district, one 59-year-old woman died. Two  people were wounded in Chuguev, and  an emergency medical assistant was injured in the Chuguev district. One person was wounded in the  Kharkov region.

Active hostilities continue on the line of confrontation. In the Kharkiv direction, the Russians tried to storm the village of Udy near the border with the Russian Federation. Our defenders repulsed the assault and forced the enemy to retreat with losses.


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