The expert revealed Putin’s plans for a “quick” attack on Lithuania

Russia is counting on a blitzkrieg.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS
Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

Russia can go on the offensive against Lithuania and is counting on a blitzkrieg there.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko on Channel 24 .

“They (the Russians) will be able to develop a rapid offensive from the territory of Russia and from Belarus, while NATO will transfer its units. This is their plan. It was described many times, even the British general wrote a book about a possible Russian offensive against the Baltic countries,” he said.

Musienko noted that Russia could block the Suvar corridor and cut off Lithuania from Poland.

“Please note that Russia conducted artillery exercises there, and not any other units. This was done to show a direct reference to the events taking place in the East and South of Ukraine – to show what destruction they bring with their artillery,” the expert said.

Musienko said that the main goal of these exercises in Russia is to scare

“In addition, they have Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad region. They also expect that some units from Belarus or those located in northern Russia will help them,” he added.

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  1. Open war against Lithuania would be a violation of NATO’s Article 5, since they’re already an active member of NATO. Regardless of his excuses about Russian “territorial sovereignty” being threatened, Putin is pushing against this with his own threats and posturing behavior, of course. The question is, will he go into Russia facing open war against the rest of NATO? This is a foolish move, because if he’s bluffing, then he presents himself as weak and stupid to even his strongest allies. If he’s not bluffing, then there’s only one way to find out, in open attack, and the regional war becoming World War III. Even if he tries sending the Wagner mercenaries in to act as “independent operators,” Lithuania would be well aware of this, and well within their rights to declare it as a Russian-backed invasion, thus as an act of war against a NATO country. Yes putin, please keep digging your own grave. Many people would be happy to throw you into it, to burn, and then bury you, the Russian turd.

  2. Mafia land should just do it. The sooner it does, the sooner it gets annihilated.
    But, it won’t. It’s far too afraid of the consequences.

  3. “Russia can go on the offensive against Lithuania and is counting on a blitzkrieg there.”

    The last blitzkrieg didn’t work out too well for the orcs. They got chased all the way back to Belarus from Kyiv. Lithuania won’t be using Soviet weapons either, plus they will have all the intel and NATO weapons available.

      • The author doesn’t say where Putler will get the orcs from to invade Lithuania. Most are pretty occupied at the moment.

        • Its pretty amazing how Belarus has just become a launching pad for Putler. They are still firing missiles from Belarus into Ukraine. I suppose Putler’s gang believe they can use Belarus and her troops like bitches working for Putler’s genocide projects.

          • I do hope after Ukraine see off the orcs, they turn their attention to Luka, or Poland could launch a special military operation there. Allowing the orcs to murder civilians in Ukraine from the territory of Belarus is no different than declaring war on Ukraine.

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