From the LinkedIn page of Ihor Fesenko

June 24

👀 Who Is Who?

World #celebrities supporting #Ukraine vs Russia.

If everyone* on this list donates their own personal #F15s or at least a second-hand-pride-of-my-garage M1A2 #Abrams then I’ll sing a song.

  • Musk is off the hook if he floods Ukraine with #Tesla 🚘😎


  1. There needs now to be a huge concert in Kyiv, with Floyd, Paul M, the Chilis, U2, Kravitz, Scorpions, Metallica, Elton, JLo, Sheeran et al, with top Ukrainian bands like Go-A, Okean Elzy, Dakhabrakha, Kalush Orchestra, Hutsul Planet, Boombox, Onuka etc. Top Hollywood celebs can compere.

  2. If all the rich and famous people were to donate a small part of their fortunes to Ukraine’s war effort, it would not only help the country tremendously in fighting the fascist locusts, but would be a signal to the world of their sense of compassion and righteousness.

What is your opinion?