Special Forces Operations in Russia.

Robin Horsfall

June 23

Factories, ammunition storage areas and oil installations are suspiciously catching fire and exploding in Russia. This is no coincidence. There are millions of Russian citizens who have Ukrainian parents or grandparents. There are millions of Russians who disapprove of the ‘Special Military Operation’ that invaded their ancestral homeland, Ukraine.

To attack and destroy the Russian manufacturing base is extremely difficult without the support of the local population. However, with support from local residents and workers it is relatively simple to infiltrate small teams of skilled operators armed with high explosives and incendiary devices and use them where they will do most damage. Small units working behind enemy lines is an excellent use of resources.

When industries that provide ammo, food, fuel, medicines, clothing, are damaged it affects the whole Russian war machine.

No one truly knows if these fires are the result of a military operation. It should stay that way. It is wise for Zelensky not to take credit for these incidents. Plausible denial is a tactic learned from the Russian method, ‘do it and deny it.’ It could be home grown Russian insurgents.

These ‘incidents’ are too frequent to be accidents. They hurt where it counts. The attacks by UA drones on border towns is an understandable escalation. The missile strikes on Black Sea oil and gas rigs also indicates a loosening of the restraint that Ukraine has shown so far by keeping most of their actions within their own borders.

Right now Ukrainian politicians know it is of vital importance to get heavy artillery and smart munitions to the front lines. This will turn the Russian army around and force them back.

Western media are constantly reporting ‘Russian advances’ using words like ‘critical’ and ‘final’ but the real situation appears to show Russia nibbling away at the Donbas front at great expense for little return, in the hope that something will give before the big guns arrive. I can’t see Ukraine cracking anywhere.

Putin talks about Lithuania, Lavrov talks about Azerbaijan, these are distractions to redirect the Russian public attention away from the heavy losses in Donbas. Russian mothers want to know where their sons are. It will be difficult for Putin to lock up the mothers of his dead heroes.

In the meantime some unknown people are making a nasty mess on the Russian back door.

Slava Ukraine.

Who Dares Shares!

Robin Horsfall


  1. As usual, Horsfall makes an excellent assessment.
    I agree that the fires and explosions across mafia land are no coincidence. They are happening on purpose. And, it should remain a closely guarded secret, in case they are caused by Ukraine, regardless if by special ops or long-range drones or whatever. Keep the cockroaches guessing! And, we have no business to know everything.

    “The missile strikes on Black Sea oil and gas rigs also indicates a loosening of the restraint that Ukraine has shown so far by keeping most of their actions within their own borders.”

    Here, I’ve got to disagree. The rigs are withing Ukraine’s EEZ.

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  2. Putler is in a spot here. If he claims Ukraine are blowing up these infrastructures, the orcs security will be questioned. If it is Russians blowing up the infrastructures, that’s even worse for the midget.

    I disagree about millions of Russians against Putler’s war, most are for it.

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    • It is safe to say that millions ARE against putler’s holocaust. But it’s a large population. If putler’s pollsters are right, 80% support his genocide. The opposing 20% is still in the millions.
      It always notoriously hard to identify the size of the opposition in a dictatorship. Reformers like Khordokovsky believe that some form of democratic rule is a possibility.
      IMHO, opposition to putler is higher than 20%. It could be closer to 40%, or even more. Let’s say there is a hard core of genocide-loving nazis, say 25%. Then there would be a less extreme, but pro-putler voter bloc of say, 20%. That leaves 55% with all to play for. Possibly a coalition of Navalny supporters and liberals fronted by Khordakovsky/Kara-Murza/Kasparov could squeeze through in a free and fair election.*
      * hard to imagine I know.

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