Poroshenko handed over three off-road vehicles to gunners in southern Ukraine  

The fifth president of Ukraine, the leader of the “European Solidarity” Petro Poroshenko came to the south of Ukraine and handed over to the gunners three off-road vehicles purchased by a charitable foundation created by the politician.

Poroshenko noted that half of the funds for cars were collected by caring Ukrainians, and the second half was allocated from the fund’s budget.

“I am grateful to all the personnel and the commander for the fact that they effectively use your and our gifts,” said Petro Poroshenko.

He added that in the near future, another gift will be sent to our defenders – 450 drones, for the purchase of which a contract has already been signed. Half of these “birds” will be used by units in the south of Ukraine.



  1. Three off road vehicles? From a former billionaire President, half of which came from outside people! Really? I try to not judge but REALLY???

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    • I don’t know anything about Poroshenko’s capabilities, but if these were previously used, their expense may depend on the functionality of how well the vehicles were cared for. As well as the types of vehicles they were and what equipment they were outfitted with. Even here in America, a good used SUV is running an average price of $20,000 USD, or 589,432.00 hryvnias. That’s before adding armor, extra features like hardwired map route software, and military grade weapons, of course.

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    • He has been supplying the Ukrainian army since 2014.
      I think he did very well. Also I think also his resources have diminished because of the war.

      Yes, he has a lot of assets but I don’t think he has a lot of liquidity as I don’t think his companies are very profitable amid war.

      I think generally he isn’t a bad guy, even though he was a little conservative when it came to reforms.

      But we have to credit him for the reform of the Ukrainian army, which I think he did very well.

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      • I don’t know enough about his resources but I think he has allot of liquidity. He apparently sold Roshen (love the stuff, it’s hard to get in the US but I keep scrounging) when he became President so whether it’s $1 billion or $500 mm, I would have expected something different. If indeed he’s has done more but kept it quiet then perhaps he should have kept this quiet. Please don’t misunderstand me I am a fan of the former President, this just seems like a weird “pat on your back.”

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  2. Very glad he brought Ukraine military back from the brink. He was among the first whom not only donated supplies, but help raise a grass roots crowd funding operation. He has been along side Defenders of Ukraine at times fighting on the front lines in hotly contested areas.
    I came away from this article with impression this was for show of continued support as well as boosting morale. I too agree that a lot is being done behind the scenes and a lot less should be said about what and where. It is uplifting however to hear and see so many people come together for freedom, what is good and right in the sight of God Almighty, and fighting against the ruscist darkness.

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