Double standards of the “russian world”

Operator Starsky June 23

Let’s make a small trip back to the 2000’s when the russian hybrid informational warfare was already making first steps towards the current situation here in Ukraine. Meet Natalia Vitrenko, chief of the Ukrainian russia-backed political party. As it usually happens to supporters of the “russian world”, they claim to be anti-fascists but always prove the opposite.


  1. This guy is good, and has very reliable information. Another couple of good youtube channels are Denys Davydov and Jake Broe. Denys provides similar information to Operator Starsky, while Jake provides great information regarding the economy and the effect sanctions will have on Muscovy.

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  2. “Double standards of the “russian world”’

    I can’t remember all the double standards that we’ve seen coming out of the cesspool called Russia since 2014. Only the number of their lies surpasses them.

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