Ukravtodor cleared almost 507 kilometers of state roads and streets in Kyiv region

KrAZ-6322 for Ukravtodor Photo: AvtoKraz

Ukravtodor cleaned and cleaned 506.7 km of state roads and streets in Kyiv region.

“We continue to work in the settlements that were under occupation in the first month of the war. As soon as the demining of the territories was completed, road workers, communal workers and volunteers started cleaning the streets of Irpen, Bucha, Borodyanka, Gostomel, Vorzel, Gorenka, Makarov and the village of Lakes “, – it is said in the message of the State agency of highways of Ukraine. 

It is noted that 264.7 km of communal streets were cleared in two months.

Currently, in these settlements, road workers are removing construction waste, carrying out pothole repairs, renewing road markings and signs. 

“In addition, we are working on 9 highways of international, regional and territorial importance – 242 km have already been cleared,” Ukravtodor added.

The largest amount of work was performed on the routes M-06, M-07, R-02 and T-10-19.

In total, 506.7 km of state roads and streets in the suburbs of Kyiv were cleaned and cleaned in the capital region.  

Transport connections have been restored on key routes – 20 temporary crossings near the destroyed bridges are already operational. 

In addition, traffic on the M-07 Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodyn highway was completely restored, and the connection on the left driveway of the bridge near the Parking lot on the M-06 Kyiv-Chop highway was restored.


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