Ukraine’s dire finances await rescue


  1. This is music to putler’s rodent ears. His economy takes a 10% hit and Ukraine loses half.
    This is a good example of the half-assed way that the disunited west has responded to Ukraine’s agony.
    Massive putler clients like Italy, France and Germany continue to pump €billions into RuZZia, whilst donating insultingly small amounts to Ukraine, economically and militarily.
    The war is being prolonged because of inertia and indifference in the rich countries that could help but don’t.

    • You are so right Sir Scradgel. I fear it’s not getting any better. Although there continues to be strong support for Ukraine in the US I’m beginning to hear too much of isolationism coming out.

      • Well cap, I’m in no position to comment authoritatively about labyrinthine US political trends, but the impression I get from friends there is that Trump is preparing to run in 2024 and his nearest rival is DiSantis.
        Both would be very bad news for Ukraine. Both are isolationists; Trump is a putler-groveler and DiSantis for a long time simply avoided the topic, for fear of upsetting his supporters; who are mainly Trumpoids.
        Even when putler’s Holocaust started, DiSantis remained silent.
        Recently he broke that silence and came out against putler, but only after being repeatedly pushed.
        It seems that sadly there is no chance for my two favorites: Roger Wicker and Marco Rubio.
        It seems also that Biden is determined to run again, so it could be a repeat Biden-Trump election. Both of which have proved themselves to be disastrous for Ukraine.

        Both Wicker and Rubio would take the necessary action to put the nazi rodent back in his box. But it seems they won’t be given that opportunity.

        • Trump is not a Putin groveler. Trusting Wicker and Rubio in anything is a fool’s errand.

        • I see what you’re saying but in some respects I disagree. Personally, I voted for Trump but I have wished for a long time he would just go away and shut the fuck up. Your analysis of DeSantis is wrong speaking both personally and from speaking with DeSantis directly. He espouses many of the domestic policies of Trump but is a close ally of Senator Rubio who has been a staunch ally of Ukraine but more importantly a strategic thinker in regards to foreign affairs. I can’t say for sure but in my limited exposure to DeSantis, he reminds me more of McCain and Reagan. He served in Iraq and was an advisor to Seal Team One. So he knows what it is to be in a military operation. More importantly, DeSantis doesn’t just open his mouth at any opportunity. He reflects on issues and when he does speak he’s thoughtful and more important consistent. Yes, I live Florida, having retired here, but Mr DeSantis has made this wonderful to live in and raise a family.

          • Yes I’m a fan of DeSantis and think he would be a wonderful US President. I’d hate to lose him as governor but I do think the USA would benefit his leadership.

          • I did say that he came out as a critic of putler, which is of course welcome and necessary. But it was very late indeed!
I was just speculating that his odd silence on Russia-Ukraine was because he knew that as a Trump protege, he couldn’t upset hard core Trumpers by criticizing their idol putler.

          • Is it too much to hope that it will be won before autumn?!
            With the right amount of help anyway.
            It is still pretty crucial for Ukraine that the next election produces a president with a coherent and decisive plan to put an end to putlerism.

            • “It is still pretty crucial for Ukraine that the next election produces a president with a coherent and decisive plan to put an end to putlerism.”
              Sorry to say this, Scradge; you’re standing in a political desert, hoping for water, but all you get is hot, dry sand.

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