The municipality of Dresden donated three city buses to Bucha

The municipality of the German city of Dresden presented Bucha with three passenger city buses.

Transmitted  by the National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  CTS .

The decision to transfer the passenger buses was made at a meeting of the Dresden City Council.

Buses with humanitarian aid have already left for Kyiv region and are to arrive today at the Bucha Service utility company.

Dresden-based Gigahertz Ventures GmbH was one of the organizations that helped Ukraine with evacuation buses under the Hopeful Buses project in early March.

In addition, they decided to fill these buses with humanitarian aid. During the meeting, deputies announced the beginning of a partnership between Dresden and Bucha and assistance to the community.



      • From Focus Taiwan:

        “Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) pledged a US$500,000 donation to the Ukrainian town of Bucha on Monday to help it rebuild after it was devastated following Russia’s invasion.

        The pledge was made in a video call with Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk, during which Wu expressed concern for Ukrainians and support for Ukraine on behalf of Taiwan’s people in defending itself against an invasion launched by an authoritarian regime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said in a press release.”

        Not a lot, but at least the thought is there and maybe more to come.

        It’s a reminder too that Chinese people are completely normal when they live in a democracy. It is the CCP that turned them into evil bastards. Unlike Russians, who seem to be evil all the time. With the exception of the liberal minority: tge heroic ones whose leaders have mostly all been murdered by putler. What percentage of them are represented by outstanding people like Vladimir Kara-Murza is unknown. Maybe as few as 20%, or maybe as many as 50%?
        I spent some time in Hong Kong at the end of the British mandate and it was a fantastic place. 6m people living in freedom on a tiny island modeled on British democracy. Many of them devout Christians.
        There was a criminal underworld, but the gang members were usually scum from the mainland.

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