Putin’s security guard, who was carrying a “nuclear suitcase”, was found shot through the head – media

It is reported that the FSB officer is in intensive care in a serious condition.

Vladimir Putin with security / screenshot
Vladimir Putin with security / screenshot

In Russia, FSB colonel Vadim Zimin, who was a security guard for Russian President Vladimir Putin and carried a so-called “nuclear suitcase” with him, was hospitalized with gunshot wounds to the head.

This is reported by the publication Mirror .

It is noted that he is now in serious condition in intensive care.

It is also reported that Zimin was found in his apartment in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region on Monday, June 20, next to him lay a traumatic pistol Izh 79-9TM. The FSB officer was found in a pool of blood by his brother. At this time, the common-law wife of the wounded was absent. 

It is known that Zimin worked in the Kremlin not only under Putin, he started under Boris Yeltsin.

According to Russian media, Zimin was under house arrest in connection with the investigation of a criminal case on charges of taking a bribe after he started working in the customs service. He faces a prison term.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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