Kettle and multicooker “denazifiers” were captured near Severodonetsk (photo)

Among the “trophies” of the invaders-marauders was also an electric fan.

APU captured the invaders-marauders / photo
APU captured the invaders-marauders / photo

Near Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, where fierce battles are taking place, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured two invaders-marauders. Next to them were “trophies”.

This is reported by  the Telegram channel “Supernova +”.

“Hunters for fans from Russia were captured near Severodonetsk,” the report says.

The channel also published a photo of “denazifiers” with stolen Ukrainian equipment. The Russians stole a fan without a rack, as well as an electric kettle and a slow cooker.

In addition to household appliances, the invaders took a bottle of vodka from someone’s house or shop, half of which they managed to drink.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. So, these are the soldiers from a country that sees itself as a superpower? Soldiers that steal household appliances and everything else that’s not nailed down?
    No, mafia land is far from being a superpower. It’s a cesspool and nothing else.

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