Is it already too late?

Robin Horsfall

Former SAS soldier. Writer, Veterans Campaigner and Public Speaker. University of Surrey.

June 22

When a victim stands up to a bully the interaction is fascinating to observe. Before the moment of resistance the bully has anticipated that his behaviour will produce his desired effect. He will threaten, then his victim will submit.

When his victim resists, our bully is forced to make new decisions. If he resorts to violence there are unknown consequences. He might get hurt or lose. Unsure of the result he raises the level of threat attempting to elevate fear levels. When the victim’s resolve is unshaken he returns to the same question. Should I fight?

Unsure, the bully redirects and blames a third smaller party. If on the other hand he attacks and hurts his victim, he still loses. The victim has shown courage and will be admired even in defeat.

This scene is being acted out in Ukraine at the moment. Putin raises the rhetoric and redirects his attention towards Latvia and Lithuania. He rants about ‘serious consequences’ but the new kids have already seen the worst he can do. They reply ‘Show me what you’ve got. We’re not frightened!’

Can Putin walk away promising dire consequences and retain some of his power? Will he risk losing it all – or is it already too late?

Slava Ukraini, Slava Latvijai, Šlovė Lietuvai

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall

Robin Horsfall, SAS veteran: Putin reminds me of Hitler in the last 3 years of Nazi Germany.

Robin’s tremendous support for Ukraine has been noticed by the Ukrainians.

Andrii Suslenko has interviewed him.

“Our guest is Robin Horsfall, SAS veteran, security expert, public speaker and lecturer and a British supporter of Ukraine.

Together with Andrii Suslenko, the host of the podcast “How Do You Think”, they’ve explored a variety of topics regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.

– What helps in the understanding of the Russia-Ukraine war?

– How have the lives of British people been affected in this war?

– Why are regular Britons so helpful during this war?

– What was the role of mud in Russian failure to advance in Ukraine?

– What do Russians want now?

– Why can’t Ukraine use long-range weapons to attack Russian territory?

– What are the odds of tactical nuclear warheads being used by Russia?

– What lies underneath the constant lies Russia is using?

– What helps Ukraine to keep the war covered in the media?

– What is the hardest part of Ukraine’s propaganda machine?

– What is wrong with Western media coverage of the war?

– What is the role of Turkey in a “grain war”? And what is Erdogan’s gain?

– Who are the stakeholders in this war?

– Why Poland is a great power?

– What is the role of Great Britain in this war?

– What mistakes have UK Govt made in relations with Russian money?

– Can Ukraine tackle corruption as the result of the war?

– What is the best version of Russia for the world order after the war?

– Is it Putin’s war or all-Russians’ war?

– In how many generations Russia will become a much clearer country?

– Does this war remind you of any other war?

– Why Russians are good with tragedies?”

Robin Horsfall, SAS veteran: Putin reminds me of Hitler in the last 3 years of Nazi Germany.


  1. Robin was not an officer. But he speaks with the authority and authenticity of an ex-soldier with one of the world’s best elite regiments.
    He makes straightforward observations. Such as the following: referencing John McCain’s quote about Russia being a gas station masquerading as a country, he states that Ukraine’s enormous reserves in Donbas and Crimea are what putler is determined to get his filthy hands on. Not necessarily to develop them, but to ensure that Ukraine never does.
    Which of course emphasizes why Ukraine must restore ALL of its land and why the Budapest signatories must invest many $billions to ensure it happens.
    In time, the signatories could even recover some of their costs from this.

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  2. Yes, Putler reminds us of Hitler too. And Stalin. There is a lot of evil packed inside the short rodent. Can’t understand some people who feel the need to appease this sack of shit or especially be friends with it, like Schröder, Seagal, DiCaprio, Rourke, and that fat French drunkard with the purple potato nose.

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    • They are scum. But not DiCaprio. He had a Ukrainian grandmother. Ukrainian sites claimed that he donated $10m to the Ukrainian military. That turned out to be bullshit, but he did donate much smaller amounts to humanitarian causes linked to Ukraine.

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      • Okay, fair enough. I take the part about DiCaprio back.I thought wrongly about him because I remember him being together with Putler.

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