From the LinkedIn page of Eugenia Mazurenko

June 22

In terms of resilience, the decision to move on, continue living life and having faith in the victory of Ukraine, there is always pain and tears, ruined destinies.

I never asked the Russians to save me. They broke into my country, broke my house, took away my plans, but they did not take away my freedom. Freedom for me today is a fight, I sacrifice everything I had in 33 years old. You can say that I am young enough to restart. Some day I will, but currently I am trying to survive.

I continue leading my team , working, having daily speeches on the zoom, talking about civil society, emphasizing my belief in victory and my optimism. Sometimes I feel such devastation as today, when I want to shout, asking if peace and freedom are for everyone in this world? Does the world understand what Ukrainians are going through today? How many ruined destinies are behind the fighting for their independence?

The world began to get tired of the war in Ukraine, and believe me, we Ukrainians are tired also. But the world has fed and still feeds the monster, buying gas and continuing any relationship with Russia.

Sometimes the navigator asks me “Home”? And this is unbearable pain, because I can’t tell you how I want to return on February 23, 2022. I have just sat to my car and navigator offered me “Home”… Dear navigator, you made me cry today!

If the world freezes the war in Ukraine, consider that the world lost its future.
You can say that it is very unprofessional to mix professional and personal on LinkedIn, but this is how WAR LiFE balance looks like. War doesn’t ask if you’re a professional, it just kills.



Christoph P:

“We will rebuild Ukraine, better than before.
Russia can only dream of having such a great people, they only show their true nature, hate.”

Stanislav Filshtinskiy:

“Look at the pain in Eugenia eyes.
Look at it! And remember THAT when you hear russian apologists of any flavor.”

Ian Reed:

“Some may have lost interest or concentration, but be reassured most decent, thinking people across the world are with you, and will remain with you every day until Ukraine is free again and this constant world menace is contained once and for all.”

Olha Pershyna:

“Very sincere and wise words. Thank you for them.
Every Ukrainian makes the similar choice on his/her own battlefield every single day.
Please stay strong because we all should be.
We may cry, feel despair sometimes but we should resist and continue fighting for Ukraine’s independence and for our joint future as we see it.”

Eugenia replied :

“Thank you for your support! Sometimes I just ask myself how stay emotionally resilient under missiles.”

Sharon Schoutens :

“💙 💛 you are a brave soul and an inspiration to many, what you and so many others have gone through, continue to go through and face is unthinkable, the civilised world supports you and all of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 – this will end and you will be on your path again, stay safe and hopefully the world leaders will step up to the needed level to #stopputin #stoprussianaggression.”

Tomasz Balcerzak:

“The good wins. Always.”

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