Fire tears through Russian oil refinery near Ukrainian border

MOSCOW, June 22 (Reuters) – A fire tore through part of Russia’s Novoshakhtinsk refinery on Wednesday just 8 kilometres from the border with Ukraine after drones were spotted flying over the oil plant.

Social media footage showed a drone flying towards the refinery before a large ball of flame and black smoke bellowed up into the summer sky.

TASS citied an unidentified source in the local authorities as saying that one of the drones had crashed into a heat transfer unit at the refinery.


  1. More good news coming out of Muscovy, but I wish Reuters would get their facts right. The oil refinery is 8km from the Ukrainian border, but the border that has been controlled by Russian puppets since 2014. The closest city the drone, if it was a drone, could take off from is Kramatorsk, which is 350km away.

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  2. Any attacks on mafia land are good news, especially if they hit important objects, like refineries! I wish to learn what type of drones were used, but I understand that such info is secret. The important thing is that they caused destruction!

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  3. The defeat of the largest oil refinery in the south of Russia can seriously affect the supply of fuel to the group of occupation forces in the Donbass, in the Crimea and the Kherson region.

    Experts suggest that an inexpensive (costs around $10,000) Chinese Mugin-5 Pro drone, which can carry a payload of 15-20 kilograms, was used for the attack. This is approximately equal to the power of one Grad rocket.

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