Zhdanov explained why the Russians failed to capture the airports of Kyiv

The invaders tried to land on airfields outside the capital, but were destroyed.

Ukraine has reliably protected the capital's airports / photo from UNIAN, Oleksandr Sinitsa
Ukraine has reliably protected the capital’s airports / photo from UNIAN, Oleksandr Sinitsa

The Russian troops, who tried to occupy Kiev , failed to capture the capital’s main airports – in Zhuliany and Boryspil. They were under the reliable protection of ground and air forces.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this in his Youtube channel .

“Precisely because the Zhuliany are located within the city, the Russian paratroopers could not reach the airport. It was defended by the Kiev air defense, which here” bahkalo “and shot down everything that could be shot down, if possible. Therefore, they tried to choose more remote places “, he explained.

“By the way, Boryspil airport is also very well protected by the air defense system. They even launched a separate missile strike there, trying to weaken the air defense system in Boryspil, but nothing happened. Plus, Borispol is quite far away. Of course, it is closer than Vasilkov, but quite far from Kyiv… There was no chance to break into Zhuliany within the city. In Boryspil, it was protected by air defense and our ground defense forces,” Zhdanov added.

According to the expert, on the first day of the full-scale aggression, the Ukrainian military even managed to organize the defense of the airfield in Gostomel and destroy the enemy landing force there.

As for the Boryspil and Kyiv airports, Zhdanov says they turned out to be inaccessible to the Russians, so the enemy did not even try to capture them.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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