Zelensky secretly visited Lisichansk, where active hostilities continue – People’s Deputy (photo)

It is reported that the president “came under fire to personally support, see and understand.”

Zelensky in Lysichansk / photo facebook.com/m.bezuhla
Zelensky in Lysichansk / photo facebook.com/m.bezuhla

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky secretly visited Lisichansk, Luhansk region. When exactly this was is not known.

This was reported on Facebook by the people’s deputy from the “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezuglaya.

“Vladimir Zelensky in Lysichansk. Recently. Actually a photo. Then he came under shelling, covertly, to support and see with his own eyes, to figure it out. He was with us,” the people’s deputy wrote.

Bezuglaya published a photo of Zelensky among the military, which, according to her, was taken in Lysichansk.

It should be noted that Lisichansk is located near Severodonetsk, most of which is controlled by Russian invaders and where heavy fighting continues. Lisichansk itself is constantly under fire. 

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. This brave guy goes to the worst part of the front lines to see the troops and the situation. While the other little guy across the border cowers in his bunker, like Adolf used to.

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    • One guy is a leader and the other is a dictator. One guy has had a life full of achievements and the other has had a life full of failures. One guy trusts his well-trained professional military and the other does not trust his criminal horde of bandits.

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