The Russian airline will suspend the flights of half of the planes due to lack of spare parts

air, azure

Russia’s AZUR air will suspend nearly half of the planes left after the sanctions.

This is stated in a letter from CEO Eugene Korolev to employees, according to Russia ‘s Interfax .

According to the document, in the summer season AZUR air plans to use about 12 Boeing 767-757 aircraft. At the same time, according to a source close to the company’s management, there are currently 22 aircraft in its fleet: 10 Boeing 767 and -757 and one -777 and -737.

Currently, the only foreign destination of AZUR air flights is Turkey. At the same time, the letter states that the company was forced to “curtail the flight program in Sochi to” save the resource of aircraft.

“This is a necessary decision to ensure maximum flight safety while we look for new supply channels for spare parts,” Korolev wrote in the letter. Джерело:



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