The Gateway Pundit

By Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press. June 20.

The most aggressive far right, fake news/conspiracy theorist sites in America are Infowars, The Daily Stormer and The Gateway Pundit. All three are fanatical Trump Supporters. Trump himself is often seen holding printouts of articles from The Gateway Pundit.

All three are as dedicated to Russia as RT and their hatred for Ukraine is limitless.

The founder of Gateway Pundit is Jim Hoft. It has expanded from a one-person enterprise into a highly successful multi-employee operation that is supported primarily by ad revenue.

Hoft gives frequent interviews to Russia Insider, in which he pledges his allegiance to the Russian Orthodox Church. He spent 20 years in Russia before setting up Gateway Pundit in 2004. Funny he never mentions to them that he is attracted to young boys? He’s actually married to a very young one: a Filipino. He is currently based in St Louis.

The following is just an example of the “journalism” of the Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: Did Lithuania Light the Fuse on World War III?

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  1. Putin is quite happy to use people like Hoft, useful idiot he is. The ROC hates the sort of man Hoft is and he is not acceptable in Russia, being a queer and loving boys as he does.

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